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D&S Global Solutions

Off-Site Advantage

Aspiring to employ the best talent in receivables nationwide, we established our unique D&S Off-Site Network in March of 1999, encompassing seasoned, veteran professionals from coast-to-coast, border-to-border, in every geographic location in the United States. And, what began as a necessity to find expertise for our clients has given our company a plethora of opportunities and advantages exceeding even our greatest expectations:


Recovery experts across the country seek our employment, allowing us to have the ability to choose our collection candidates by their known expertise.


With the flexibility to achieve the appropriate management of time and effort, our representatives who work independently from a satellite office show the highest level of work efficiency, contact ratios, and recovery per account.


Our Off-Site locations are not subject to the many situations that keep an employee from focusing on performance. Traffic delays, weather problems, and office politics are non-existent issues with our Off-Site staff.

Crisis Prevention

Each of our Off-Site locations is independent from others, while tying into the company headquarters. With our numerous satellite offices throughout the United States, it is nearly impossible to experience a crisis that would virtually affect all Off-Site locations.

Growth Capabilities

Our staff is drawn from a nationwide employment pool and stays nationwide, allowing us to add staff without delay or significant costs.

With such a unique structure, a level of standards and a consistent, transparent process had to be established.


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"To be distinguished as the uncontested premiere world-wide service provider for Accounts Receivables solutions. The standard of excellence all others seek to achieve."

Lonnie Larson, CEO, D&S Global Solutions