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Our experience has shown that credit risk comes from any, if not all, aspects of business, and our unique off-site structure and extensive, global network allows us to accommodate any and all needs you may have.

We are proud to already offer staff outsourcing, reverse logistic recovery, fraud detection and management, training/counseling, inventory scrubbing, credit reporting and credit review, and portfolio review.

Staff Outsourcing

Should you have situations where you have a need for staffing assistance for a period of time, we will provide staffing resources to assist with a wide variety of tasks and calling campaigns.

Reverse Logistic Recovery

Asset location and recovery will be set up on a client-by-client custom program and campaign. We will provide cost-effective solutions for managing technology asset recovery on a global scale as well as provide accountability and visibility for the return of end of lease and end of life office equipment, medical equipment, and IT assets.

We will provide the latest technology to ensure the greatest possible return and risk mitigation, and we will customize a cost-appropriate program suitable to your specific needs. Our proven processes and technology are highly adaptable to meet varying program constraints, large geographical requirements, and multiple simultaneous or recurring interval recoveries.

Fraud Detection and Management

We will provide programs designed to assist you with Fraud prevention and detection. We will help determine the cause, the risk, those involved, and the ability to recover losses.  We will build programs to assist in identifying the risks, manage the information, and build preventative methods and reporting.

Training / Counseling

We will provide a host of training programs designed to assist our clients and their staff with additional insight and understanding of the collection industry and the techniques involved.  Onsite training classes or Webinar interactive classes are available for every level of recovery training.

Inventory Scrubbing

We will provide a complete scoring package for maximizing operation resource assignment and operation efficiency.  Skip-tracing, Bankruptcy, phone access and so forth can all be processed, analyzed and presented in a customized format.

Credit Reporting and Credit Review

We have partnered with global research companies to provide high-level credit reviews for corporations throughout the world.  We will provide you with the necessary credit information in order to make important financial decisions.

Portfolio Review

We currently utilize several of the largest databases for transaction data processing.  Should you have a need for inventory review and evaluation, we will provide a timely and thorough assessment with the necessary reporting to make the appropriate inventory review.


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International Experience

"To be distinguished as the uncontested premiere world-wide service provider for Accounts Receivables solutions. The standard of excellence all others seek to achieve."

Lonnie Larson, CEO, D&S Global Solutions