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D&S Global Solutions

Early Stage Recovery Solutions

Our Early Stages Recovery Program accommodates the overwhelming demand for a comprehensive solution where Accounts Receivable cannot be addressed appropriately because of limited or non-existent resources. We will work with you regardless of location to resolve this issue whether it is an existing or reoccurring problem, or due to a new influx of inventory from a consolation or acquisition.

Accounts Receivable Customized Projects

We also offer assistance for any stage of Accounts Receivable, from preventative measures to recovery.

For a cost-effective solution for Early Stages recovery, we provide a menu of services including letter series, call scripts, dates of execution, reporting, system access, communications and any requested customized function of a project. Voicemail Blasting is one of the tools utilized with domestic and international inventories that require limited resources but intense activity by recovery service experts.

We have the technology to provide the latest tools to support and assist your business and/or specific projects with the most sophisticated software to contact and document activity on a portfolio.


Late Stage Recovery

International Experience

"To be distinguished as the uncontested premiere world-wide service provider for Accounts Receivables solutions. The standard of excellence all others seek to achieve."

Lonnie Larson, CEO, D&S Global Solutions