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Legal Recoveries

Pre-Legal Recovery

When traditional collection methods have been exhausted and you need further action without litigation, we will provide a pre-legal service, entailing a number of actions to motivate resolution amicably. Our experts will negotiate the most lucrative arrangement on your behalf while maintaining you strong relationships around the world.

Legal Recovery

Our legal process is a significant component of our comprehensive recovery campaign, to accommodate you with the best possible post recovery solutionsOnce traditional collection efforts have been exhausted, an account will then be forwarded to a bonded collection attorney through a law list for the appropriate actions.

We also ensure you will be an active participant in all stages of the legal process with our Legal Department.

Bankruptcy Management

When we become aware of a bankruptcy filing, either by systemic scrub or direct notification, you will be fully updated and your account will then be forwarded for review by the D&S. Legal Department.  Bankruptcy information and status will be verified through our vendor partners, and our Legal Department Manager will review the specific facts of the case and contact the court Trustee.  We will conduct continual auditing and present recommendations to you throughout the process.


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"To be distinguished as the uncontested premiere world-wide service provider for Accounts Receivables solutions. The standard of excellence all others seek to achieve."

Lonnie Larson, CEO, D&S Global Solutions