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D&S utilizes an infrastructure leveraging Google’s global network. We can provide support to our clients, worldwide, with flexibility unlike any other.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

D&S operates within a 100% cloud-based infrastructure, utilizing the industry-leading Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Within the platform, D&S has developed a customized, proprietary collections software system, Dragon, utilizing a secure JavaScript RIA written with full end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication. D&S created the proprietary call center software, Qmoxi, as a solution to inferior telephony services, to provide superior call experience and utility. D&S employs an in-house client audit portal, allowing secure transparency to all accounts placed, customer documentation, and collections activity. Additionally, D&S utilizes state-of-the-art analytics to track collections performance and reference historic trends.

100% cloud-based infrastructure, utilizing industry-leading Google Cloud Platform, providing a secure, future-proof infrastructure.

100% uptime highly-redundant data centers, with global consistency and exposure.

Physically-transparent maintenance windows, with zero client and company downtime.

Lean Disaster Recovery planning and implementation through automated disk snapshots replicated globally across data centers.

All data is encrypted 100% at rest and in transit, using industry best-practice encryption.

Environmentally ‘green’ carbon-neutral energy footprint.


Proprietary Technology

Dragon Collections Software

Custom in-house JavaScript-based application for collections usage.

Qmoxi Call Center Software

Custom in-house JavaScript-based application for call queue and call routing usage.

Data Security:

  • PCI Level II Compliance
  • 3rd Party Network Scans
  • Two-factor authentication and rotating passwords for privileged users
  • Google ISO27001 certification in process
  • Internal system scans – Nessus scanning engine
  • Privileged User Audit – Stackdriver log examining
  • Quarterly scans – Comodo (Hackerguardian)


D&S is unlimited in scope and capability, and will craft a solution tailored to specific needs for any service. Click the link below to schedule a free consultation.